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Kelowna Capital News 2005 ~
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Vancouver Shinpo 2005
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Kelowna Capital News - Showcase Magazine 2003 ~
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In April 2005, approximately 70 people from City of Kelowna went to Expo 2005, in Aichi, Japan as a delegation and celebrated “Kelowna Day” and “Canada Day” at the Canada Pavilion. 

Mayumi Hatano was chair person for Kelowna’s artist delegation. On April 4th, Mayumi’s work Kizuna/Bond” was given to the Kasugai Sister City Civic Association from Kelowna’s Sister City Association to commemorate their 25 years of friendship.


In 2001/2002 for the "Bears on Parade" event, Mayumi was sponsored by Orchard Park Shopping Center to paint the first bear to promote the National "Communities in Bloom" event, to be hosted in 2002 - 2003 by the city of Kelowna. 

Soon after, she was sponsored to paint a second bear by the Jean Fournel Foundation in Montreal, which will travel to firefighter fund raising events in Canada.


"Bloomer" - sponsored by Orchard Park Shopping Center 
"Ready Freddy" - sponsored by Jean Fournel Foundation, Montreal 

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